Jews, Muslims and Protestants, the Eternal Enemies of the Catholic Faith, Church and Civilization.

‘God knows all men and He knows that amongst Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and in the whole of humanity there are men of good will. They receive the grace of baptism without knowing it, but in an effective way. In this way they become part of the Church.’


If this were true, then the thousands of Catholics who died at the hands of Muslims, Protestants and, I dare say Buddhists as well, rather than renounce their faith, were complete and utter fools! If God can discern amongst Protestants, Muslims and Buddhists those who desire to do HIS Will, then surely it would not be beyond HIS powers to discern those baptized Catholics who renounced their Faith to save their lives but really, in their heart of hearts, continued to hold the Catholic faith.

The gloves are off! In Europe now we are witnessing the final destruction of the civilization built by the Catholic Church with an invasion of Muslims instigated by the jewish/protestant, anglo-american alliance. The anglo -american alliance at the behest of the jews, deliberately destabilized North Africa and the Middle East, replacing secular rulers, who protected the extant Catholic and Christian Orthodox communities, by the Wahhabists, an extremist Muslim sect founded in Saudia Arabia 200 years or so ago. It is said, and I tend to believe it, that Wahhabists, like the Dönmeh in Turkey who carried out the genocide of the Armenian Catholics, are in fact crypto -jews. This would explain the Israeli/ Saudia Arabia alliance, the funding of the ISIS terrorists by the USA and the fact that the ISIS terrorists have never attacked Israel but only the more secular Muslim states. Once Catholic European nations are now being invaded by Muslim refugees with the complicity of their own Governments who are owned and controlled by the jewish central banks and are governed by crypto-jews.

In England the heads of the two main parties are crypto-jews. Cameron, the leader of the conservative party, claims to be a proud descendant of Emilio Levita. Jeremy Corbyn does not claim to be jewish, but his parent’s names were David and Naomi and they met whilst fighting on the side of the  Spanish communists against Franco in the Spanish civil war. His supposed support for Palestine against Israel is just a farce, a pretense to fool the gullible public, rather like the farce that is the supposed dispute between the FSSPX and the Vatican II Church. If we looked closely into the family history of most, if not all the leaders of the treacherous European Governments we would no doubt find some jewish antecedents.

Previous Muslim invasions of Europe, from that of Spain on, were all facilitated by the jews and were energetically combated by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church knew then that She was engaged in a spiritual war. At the last siege of Vienna in 1683, the Protestants fought on the side of the Ottomans. In the Crimean war the Protestant British fought on the side of the Ottomans against Christian Orthodox Russia.

The centuries long attempt by the crypto-jews, masons and communists to infiltrate the Catholic Church to destroy it, came to fruition at Vatican II. The post-Vatican II Church is heretical because it no longer professes and teaches the Catholic Faith, just like every other single sect that arose out of Vatican II. The people of Europe have been abandoned and betrayed. They think that they are waging a secular battle when in fact they are engaged in a spiritual war that has lasted 2,000 years. They know that their civilization was superior but they don’t understand, or don’t even want to admit the reason for this, which is that European civilization  was built on the Catholic Faith, the Truth. The Catholic Church has been handicapped and made impotent by God’s enemies within, and can no longer organize the defense of Europe and the civilization that She founded.

The Jews, Protestants and Muslims know full well that they are our spiritual enemies, even if so-called Catholics blindly refuse to admit it and prefer to continue in their betrayal of the redemptive sacrifice of Our Lord God, Jesus Christ by continuing to hold the sentimental and heretical belief that followers of these diabolical religions can be saved by implicit Baptism of Desire.


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