‘Hence they regard as mere fables original sin and the evils that were its consequence’ Pius X. Ad Diem Ad Laetissnum. Feb 2nd 1904

When I started defending the doctrine of EENS, I had assumed that the heresies of salvation by desire, blood and invincible ignorance had been propagated to appease the sentimental sensibilities of those Catholics and followers of other religions who could not believe that God would be so MEAN as to condemn so many people to eternal perdition.

But on further reflection I realised that these heresies were the chosen weapons of God’s enemies to destroy the whole foundation on which the Catholic Faith was built, that of the reality of Original Sin and the necessity our Lord Jesus Christ, God Incarnate’s, redemptive sacrifice.

By affirming that men in a state of Original Sin could go to heaven they negate the gravity of Original Sin. By negating the gravity of Original Sin they debase, demean and diminish the enormity of God’s loving sacrifice to redeem fallen mankind and in doing so deny the Unity and Trinity of God, God the Creator, God The Redeemer and God the Sanctifier, they deny God Himself. Link

Our Lord Jesus Christ is reduced to a mere mythical figure like any other god in the pantheon of gods invented by mankind to make sense of our existence; His Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection reduced to the level of a mere fable.   Since Vatican II, the Popes have reinforced this idea with their ecumenical prayer meetings; God is now just one of the many gods on offer from which to pick and choose.

I used to be bemused by so many Catholics who would put on their facebook page a prayer to Our Lady, followed by a reflection from Buddhism, or Hinduism, or Gandhi, Martin Luther King or any other self-help guru. I now understand that they are only following the example set by the post-Vatican II Popes.

This policy of the deliberate negation of the gravity of Original Sin has been so successful that even a devout, pious, intelligent Catholic had been led to believe that mortal sin was more serious than Original Sin.

Ironically however, with the the negation of the doctrines of Original Sin and EENS at Vatican II, the FACT and the REALITY of Original Sin has never been more evident. As Joe Sobran put it, after Vatican II, the world seems to have lost its centre of gravity. Abortion has been legalised in many countries; euthanasia has been legalised in some ex-Catholic countries, whose example the rest of the world is now determined to follow; sodomy has become generally accepted and homosexual marriage been pushed down the throats of many people whose faith and ability to resist has been severely compromised by the inaction of religious leaders; pornography is ubiquitous; they are pushing for the legalisation of polygamy and incest; environmental and ecological legislation means we worship at the temple of Gaia. Every single government, both national and supranational, is corrupt. Every single arm of government, eg. the police and military is corrupt. Every single profession, the legal, medical and the teaching, has been corrupted.  Our world today must be very similar to the world that existed before the Incarnation and I am sure worse is to come.





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  1. The SSPX,whether it’s intentional or not,do not understand or know catholic theology.An open,notorious,known heretic cannot be Pope.You can’t acknowledge a pope as supreme pontiff and casually ignore said pope’s decrees/commands.Second, the V2 sect is not catholic.Pope Leo 13 & Pius 12 decreed what makes the Sacrament of Holy Orders valid.Anti-pope Paul 6 decimated rite of holy orders to the point of being almost identical to Anglican orders. (Which Pope Leo 13 himself stated Anglican orders to be invalid) How can they recognize the V2 sect knowing they have invalid “masses”,clergy,and “Sacraments”? Lastly,it’s making them look fake & foolish to acknowledge Jorge as Pope yet pick & choose what decrees from V2 sect they will obey!

    1. I am preparing a post about the FSSPX. The FSSPX and other traditional sects are just as heretical in their teaching about salvation by desire, blood or invincible ignorance. If you read St. Vincent of Lerins Commonitory you will see that this is not the first time that the Church has been dominated by heresy with similar dire results for the Church and for society.
      The actual dogmas of the Church about Papal Infallibility are extremely restricted. There is no dogma that says that a Pope or the Bishops can never be heretics but sedevacantism is not an option either.
      I actually remember the Church before Vatican II, and although I have no proof I can imagine the kind of Catholics that the FSSPPX and the sedevacantists aimed to co-opt.
      I won’t go into it now because I want to deal with it more fully later but they were the Catholic puritans who were influenced by jansenism or Anglo/American puritanism.
      Puritanism is just as much a heresy as BOD because it denies the dogma of the faith that God created a good world.
      These Puritan Catholics were like the pharisees in their spiritual pride, and their divine faith in God had been substituted by merely human faith in
      private revelation. They love the Fatima apparitions because they emphasise the sins of the flesh which they consider themselves to be free from, and
      they happily ignore the fact that Our Lord’s severest condemnations were reserved for the spiritually proud. The Appocalyptic message of the Fatima
      apparition also coincides with their heretical puritan vision of an intrinsically evil world that deserves to be destroyed and everyone damned except, of course, their own holy selves.

      St. John of the Cross wrote, very wisely in my opinion, that Catholics should reject all private revelations, both the good
      and bad, because they are NOT necessary for salvation. Too many people have adopted private revelation to create a religion that is more pleasing to them
      But I am anticipating my next few posts, please bear with me because I still have quite a bit to say. It is getting the time to write the posts that is difficult.

      1. I hold the sedevacantist position & do not place Fatima on the level with the divinely revealed word of God or Catholic dogma. (Nor do any other traditional catholics I know) All sedevacantist’s are doing is simply keeping the Catholic faith going during this time of confusion and infiltration.I respect your opinion nor am I trying to convince you of my view.Please,do not mistake us for what our detractors say we are,please.We are catholic,and are holding fast the best we can to the traditions handed down by our spiritual forefathers.

        1. Your spiritual forefather St.Athanasius who lived during a time very similar to this, did NOT preach sedevacantism. Your spiritual forefathers were NOT spiritually proud pharaisical puritans. Puritanism is a vile gnostic heresy. Our Lord Jesus Christ preached humility and His redemptive sacrifice on the Cross was the supreme example of humility, the necessity of which for our salvation has been callously denied by the post- Vatican II Church and our folly in doing so is being made apparent by the destruction that we see around us.
          The possibility of the Church succumbing to heresy was never a remote possibility but an ever present threat. St. Paul even raised the possibility of himself or another Apostle preaching another doctrine and told us that if it ever were to happen we should anathematize them.
          St. Vincent of Lerins wrote that ever a novel contagion should once more affect the whole Church ( he did not rule out the possibility either), the only option for a true Catholic was to cling to the oldest teachings of the Church, the Dogmas of the Faith, hence my blog.
          It is the FAITH that matters not priests and the Mass. Japanese Catholics were denied access to priests and the Mass for 200 years but did not lose their faith. Irish Catholics were persecuted and denied priests and the Mass for four hundred years but did not lose their faith. We must be prepared to do the same.

          1. So,how are sedevacantist’s absolutely, clearly, wrong and committing heresey? If you’re saying stay home alone and wait for the church to become catholic again,explain how we will valid priest’s and bishop’s given the Vatican 2 sect hasn’t ordained or consecrated anyone validly since late 1969? I have more questions but this is very basic and fundamental to having a Catholic church in 200 years like your Japan analogy.

          2. I don’t believe that God has abandoned His Church. I believe that we are getting the Popes we deserve. Although I didn’t realise it at the time because I was just a child, it is obvious to me now that the Faith had been undermined for a long time prior to Vatican II not only by Liberalism but also by the pervasive influence of Puritanism and the substitution of divine Faith by an almost superstitious human Faith in private revelations.
            ‘Well, also, is it written of them: But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was. 2 Timothy 3:9’
            It was only after the bishops realised the destruction to society and the Church by the Arian heresy that they came to their senses and returned to the true Faith. Pope Francis’s foolishness must be obvious to many Catholics now and I prefer a blatantly heretical idiot Pope like him to the faux conservative Ratzinger. Surely people are beginning to wake up now? Perhaps we have to wait for a whole generation of bishops to die before people come to their senses.
            You cannot continue the Faith by denying it and the sedevacantists are JUST AS MUCH HERETICAL in their attachment to Puritanism and Jansenism as the Vatican II Church, as they deny the DOGMA of the faith that God created a good world . The Jansenists also denied that Our Lord Jesus Christ died for all men. They said that the Jansenists were as “pure as the Angels but as proud as the Devils”.
            Lefebvrists ( I won’t call them Catholics) are IDOLATERS as they prefer to teach that Our Lord Jesus Christ lied that admit the Lefebvre was a heretic and these are people that make great efforts to go to a Latin Mass every Sunday ! Lefebvrists are more crafty and diabolical in their defence of heresy than the VII Catholics because they look up the most obscure sayings to defend the vile heresies of salvation by desire and invincible ignorance and hide their heresies under a cloak of puritanism.

          3. I refuse to speculate about the validity of the ordination of priests etc. God has NOT abandoned his Church but I know and believe the Vatican II Church and every single heretical sect that has proliferated since then will crumble away and die because they are not built on the foundation of the Dogmas of the Faith, the sedevacantists included!

    1. I never accused you of jansenism . But some of the sedevacantists, notably those of the St. Benedict Centre seem to be reviving the jansenist error.

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