But they shall proceed no farther: for their folly shall be manifest to all, as theirs also was. 2 Timothy 3,9.

They shall proceed no further; how then does he say elsewhere, They will increase unto more ungodliness? 2 Timothy 2:16 He there means, that beginning to innovate and to deceive, they will not pause in their error, but will always invent new deceits and corrupt doctrines, for error is never stationary. But here he says, that they shall not be able to deceive, nor carry men away with them, for however at first they may seem to impose upon them, they will soon and easily be detected. For that he is speaking to this effect appears from what follows. For their folly shall be manifest unto all. Whence? Every way— as theirs also was. For if errors flourish at first, they do not continue to the end, for so it is with things that are not fair by nature, but fair in appearance; they flourish for a time, and then are detected, and come to nought. But not such are our doctrines, and of these you are a witness, for in our doctrines there is no deceit, for who would choose to die for a deceit?


I am puzzled and bemused by the handwringing and lamentations of those people who consider themselves to be Catholic or ‘traditional’ Catholics, regarding the outcome of the last Synod. If the Bishops and Cardinals of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church can deny Our Lord’s explicit teachings regarding the necessity of Baptism with Water and the Holy Ghost for Salvation, why can’t they deny HIS equally explicit teachings about marriage and divorce? Why can’t every single teaching of Our Lord be denied? Why can’t the necessity of HIS Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection be denied which, after all, is the real objective behind the introduction of the heresies of salvation by Baptism of Desire, both explicit and implicit, and salvation by Invincible Ignorance?

“If mankind could be saved outside of the Church just as well as in it, why was the Church of Jesus Christ established ? If there are good fishes outside of the net that are to be chosen into the vessels of divine election as well as those that have been good within it, for what purpose was the net cast into the sea ? And if heaven can be attained on easier terms outside of the Church than within it, then the work of Jesus Christ and of His Apostles was altogether unnecessary, and the promises of Him whose word “shall not pass away “, false and worthless. From this it is evident that they who condemn this doctrine of the Church condemn the doctrine of Christ ; and to do this is to deny alike His holiness, His veracity, and His divinity.”


What will it take for those ‘Catholics’ who prefer to believe in the fiction that the post- Vatican II Church is the Catholic Church founded by St. Peter, to finally wake up to the fact that the post-Vatican II Church is heretical because the Dogmas of the Faith regarding the necesssity of Baptism with Water and Faith for salvation were, and continue to be, denied? To deny one Dogma of the Faith is the same as to deny all. Any ‘Catholic’ who believes in, and defends salvation by Baptism of Desire, or Invincible Ignorance is no better than Cardinal Kaspersky or Cardinal Schönburn, and your eternal fate will be the same, unless of course, you repent of the heresy.

I look at those Cardinals, Bishops and priests who are seventy or older with absolute horror. They were adults at the time of Vatican II and they must be fully aware of, or at least should be, the destruction to the Catholic Faith, Church and society as a whole that the abandonment of the doctrine of EENS has caused. If I were them I would be quaking in my boots at the thought of impending death.

Millions of Catholics, like myself, who were catechised before Vatican II must be living still. William Biersach, Link, and I can’t be the only Catholics over sixty who still remember their catechism. We were given the enormous grace of being catechised in the True Faith and every single one of us needs to testify to the fact the the doctrine of EENS was the doctrine of the Church before Vatican II, or suffer the consequences of our negation, or passivity in the face of the denial, of this doctrine.