Jews, Muslims and Protestants, the Eternal Enemies of the Catholic Faith, Church and Civilization.

‘God knows all men and He knows that amongst Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and in the whole of humanity there are men of good will. They receive the grace of baptism without knowing it, but in an effective way. In this way they become part of the Church.’


If this were true, then the thousands of Catholics who died at the hands of Muslims, Protestants and, I dare say Buddhists as well, rather than renounce their faith, were complete and utter fools! If God can discern amongst Protestants, Muslims and Buddhists those who desire to do HIS Will, then surely it would not be beyond HIS powers to discern those baptized Catholics who renounced their Faith to save their lives but really, in their heart of hearts, continued to hold the Catholic faith.

The gloves are off! In Europe now we are witnessing the final destruction of the civilization built by the Catholic Church with an invasion of Muslims instigated by the jewish/protestant, anglo-american alliance. The anglo -american alliance at the behest of the jews, deliberately destabilized North Africa and the Middle East, replacing secular rulers, who protected the extant Catholic and Christian Orthodox communities, by the Wahhabists, an extremist Muslim sect founded in Saudia Arabia 200 years or so ago. It is said, and I tend to believe it, that Wahhabists, like the Dönmeh in Turkey who carried out the genocide of the Armenian Catholics, are in fact crypto -jews. This would explain the Israeli/ Saudia Arabia alliance, the funding of the ISIS terrorists by the USA and the fact that the ISIS terrorists have never attacked Israel but only the more secular Muslim states. Once Catholic European nations are now being invaded by Muslim refugees with the complicity of their own Governments who are owned and controlled by the jewish central banks and are governed by crypto-jews.

In England the heads of the two main parties are crypto-jews. Cameron, the leader of the conservative party, claims to be a proud descendant of Emilio Levita. Jeremy Corbyn does not claim to be jewish, but his parent’s names were David and Naomi and they met whilst fighting on the side of the  Spanish communists against Franco in the Spanish civil war. His supposed support for Palestine against Israel is just a farce, a pretense to fool the gullible public, rather like the farce that is the supposed dispute between the FSSPX and the Vatican II Church. If we looked closely into the family history of most, if not all the leaders of the treacherous European Governments we would no doubt find some jewish antecedents.

Previous Muslim invasions of Europe, from that of Spain on, were all facilitated by the jews and were energetically combated by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church knew then that She was engaged in a spiritual war. At the last siege of Vienna in 1683, the Protestants fought on the side of the Ottomans. In the Crimean war the Protestant British fought on the side of the Ottomans against Christian Orthodox Russia.

The centuries long attempt by the crypto-jews, masons and communists to infiltrate the Catholic Church to destroy it, came to fruition at Vatican II. The post-Vatican II Church is heretical because it no longer professes and teaches the Catholic Faith, just like every other single sect that arose out of Vatican II. The people of Europe have been abandoned and betrayed. They think that they are waging a secular battle when in fact they are engaged in a spiritual war that has lasted 2,000 years. They know that their civilization was superior but they don’t understand, or don’t even want to admit the reason for this, which is that European civilization  was built on the Catholic Faith, the Truth. The Catholic Church has been handicapped and made impotent by God’s enemies within, and can no longer organize the defense of Europe and the civilization that She founded.

The Jews, Protestants and Muslims know full well that they are our spiritual enemies, even if so-called Catholics blindly refuse to admit it and prefer to continue in their betrayal of the redemptive sacrifice of Our Lord God, Jesus Christ by continuing to hold the sentimental and heretical belief that followers of these diabolical religions can be saved by implicit Baptism of Desire.


‘I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: …’ John. 10:9

‘The doctrine of the Church also recognizes implicit baptism of desire.  This consists in doing the will of God. God knows all men and He knows that amongst Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and in the whole of humanity there are men of good will. They receive the grace of baptism without knowing it, but in an effective way. In this way they become part of the Church.

The error consists in thinking that they are saved by their religion.  They are saved in their religion but not by it. There is no Buddhist church in heaven, no Protestant church. This is perhaps hard to accept, but it is the truth. I did not found the Church, but rather Our Lord the Son of God.  As priests we must state the truth.’


What I particularly loathe and detest about Dom Lefebvre’s writing is his extreme cynicism. He begins the first paragraph with the most outrageous lie and ends the second paragraph by saying that ‘priests must state the truth’. The doctrine of the Church has NEVER, EVER recognized baptism of Desire, neither implicit or explicit. The problem of Baptism of Desire only arose in the 13th century with the adoption of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas which was based on Aristotle. Up until then the understanding of the Church had been that Will preceded Intellect, and that God would somehow get the Faith to men who sincerely desired it. The adoption of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, where Intellect has precedence over the Will, gave rise to the arcane philosophical problems of catechumens who died before receiving baptism and invincible ignorance. For an excellent and complete history of the problem of Baptism of Desire, I recommend ‘Desire and Deception’ by Charles Coulombe. Link

The crack in the edifice of the Church’s teachings about salvation was the result of vain, futile, philosophical discussions which God’s enemies pounced on and enlarged to demolish the Church when ‘ the ‘desire of a catechumen to receive baptism’ became the desire of mankind ‘to do God’s Will’.

 1 Timothy  ‘Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. [5] For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus:

 One mediator: Christ is the one and only mediator of redemption, who gave himself, as the apostle writes in the following verse.

Who gave himself a redemption for all, a testimony in due times.

Thus God’s will is for all mankind to be saved and to know the Truth. But salvation can only be achieved by faith in the redemptive sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ Incarnate and belief in the Truth. The Truth being those teachings expounded by Our Lord to the Apostles, and by revelation to St. Paul, and transmitted by the Church to the faithful for almost 2,000 years until Vatican II, the Dogmas of the Faith.

Dom Lefebvre skips over the details of how Buddhists who deny the existence of God, Muslims who deny the Trinity, or Protestants who deny the authority of Tradition are able to discern God’s will, and why this ability is confined to some but not all of their coreligionists. The implication is that these people somehow receive the grace of baptism and become members of the Church without desiring it, or being aware of the fact that they are so blessed! These people according to Dom Lefebvere, are walking around amongst us as ‘hidden Catholics’. How baptism can be ‘effective’ if neither the receiver of the Grace, nor anyone else for that matter perceives any difference in their behaviour or beliefs is beyond my understanding. If this were true, I can imagine the reaction of an Ulster Protestant who on arriving in heaven discovers that all his life, without knowing it, he was a member of, and owes his salvation to the Catholic Church, ‘the whore of Babylon’. I think that he would be so disgusted that he would demand to be sent to Hell straightaway!

Effectively, what Dom Lefebvre states is that that only God knows who will be saved and it doesn’t matter what they believe in or how they behave, some people are destined to be saved ‘though the Church’.  This is a version of the Calvinist heresy of the “elect” who are predestined to be saved no matter what they do on earth. But the Calvinists do at least believe in Jesus Christ, God Incarnate.

Predestination is a heresy that has been strongly condemned by the Church because it denies that man has a free will.

But no less grave are the errors into which a second group falls by making God alone responsible for everything, and abolishing the free co-operation of the will in obtaining eternal happiness. This is done by the advocates of heretical Predestinarianism, embodied in its purest form in Calvinism and Jansenism. Those who seek the reason of predestination solely in the absolute Will of God are logically forced to admit an irresistibly efficacious grace (gratia irresistibilis), to deny the freedom of the will when influenced by grace and wholly to reject supernatural merits (as a secondary reason for eternal happiness). And since in this system eternal damnation, too, finds its only explanation in the Divine will, it further follows that concupiscence acts on the sinful will with an irresistible force, that there the will is not really free to sin, and that demerits cannot be the cause of eternal damnation.


Instigated by Satan… Dom Lefebvre and Explicit Baptism of Desire.

St. Irenaeus :- ‘that this class of men have been instigated by Satan to a denial of that baptism which is regeneration to God, and thus to a renunciation of the whole [Christian] faith.’


One thousand eight hundred years ago, Saint Irenaeus understood that an attack on the Catholic teaching about baptism was the means by which Satan attacks the Catholic Faith in order to destroy it. Why did the Church ever forget this lesson?

The truth of this must be now evident to everyone except the spiritually blind. Since Vatican II when the dogmas of the Faith regarding the necessity of baptism with water for salvation and Faith were  denied, the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith have been destroyed.

From Dom Lefebvre’s “Open Letter to Confused Catholics”


“Baptism of desire can be explicit. Many times in Africa I heard one of our catechumens say to me, “Father, baptize me straightaway because if I die before you come again, I shall go to hell.” I told him “No, if you have no mortal sin on your conscience and if you desire baptism, then you already have the grace in you.”

  1.  Here Dom Lefbvre denies the dogma of the Faith which is that baptism with water and the Holy Ghost is necessary for our salvation. In doing so he denies the Church’s doctrine on Original Sin and the necessity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ’s humble redemptive sacrifice.  Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans 6, 3:4  ‘Know you not that all we, who are baptized in Christ Jesus, are baptized in his death? [4] For we are buried together with him by baptism into death; that as Christ is risen from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also may walk in newness of life. [5] For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.’
  2. For Dom Lefebvre a man in the state of Original Sin can go to heaven if he desires baptism, but not if he has committed a mortal sin. Dom Lefebvre implies that mortal sin is more grievous than Original Sin. But a mortal sin can be absolved by a priest in the sacrament of Confession, if the sinner is truly repentant. To redeem mankind from Original Sin required the humble Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ .
  3. In Chapter VI of his “Open Letter To Confused Catholics”, Dom Lefebvre states:-‘For a sacrament to be valid, the matter, the form and the intention are all needed.  The Pope himself cannot change that.  The matter is of divine institution; the Pope cannot say “tomorrow we will use alcohol for the baptism of infants, or milk.” Neither can he change the essential of the form. There are essential words. For example, one cannot say, “I baptize thee in the name of God,” because God Himself has settled this form:  “Thou shalt baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”’ Link

Where then is the matter, form and intention in this new sacrament which is Baptism of Desire, a sacrament that was not instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ, God Incarnate?

According to Dom Lefebvre a person can receive the grace of baptism by simply desiring it. Why can’t this novel teaching be applied to the other sacraments? Perhaps, I really want to get married, I have done the course but die before the ceremony takes place, do I die a married man?

Perhaps I want to take Holy Orders and have completed the training but die before the actual ordination ceremony, do I die a priest?

5. Dom Lefebvre did not understand Catholic teaching on salvation because a baptized Catholic can still go to Hell even if he hasn’t committed a mortal sin, especially for the vice of spiritual pride. And what is the root of the denial of Our Lord’s very clear teachings on the necessity of baptism with water and Faith for salvation but spiritual pride? The idea that we, mere humans, understand God’s doctrine of salvation better than God Himself.

“Because nothing so alienates men from the loving kindness of God, and gives them over to the fire of the pit, as the tyranny of pride. For when this is present with us, our whole life becomes impure, even though we fulfill temperance, chastity, fasting, prayer, almsgiving, anything. For, Every one, says the wise man, that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord. Proverbs 16:5 


6. By stating that men in a state of Original Sin can go to Heaven and that this state is not as grievous than the state of  mortal sin, Dom Lefebvre undermines the Church’s doctrine regarding the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, the Mother of God. Because if people in a state of Original Sin can go to heaven then the fact that Our Lady was conceived without the stain of Original Sin is not such a unique distinction after all.

Heresy.. A Recapitulation.

“The unbelief of heretics, who confess their belief in the Gospel and resist that faith by corrupting it, is a more grievous sin than that of the heathens, because the heathens have not accepted the faith in any way at all. Hence, the unbelief of heretics is the worst sin.” – St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II-II, Q.10, art.3, ff; art.6



“Heresy consists in a stubborn denial of truths which have been defined an proposed by the Church as divinely revealed doctrines.” (Canon 1324-1325 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law)


“By the divine and Catholic Faith, all those things must be believed which are contained in the written Word of God and in tradition, and those which are proposed by the Church, either in a solemn pronouncement or in her ordinary and universal magisterium, to be believed as divinely revealed.” (Vatican Council I, Denzinger 1792)

We can also quote St Vincent of Lerins (from his Commonitory written circa 434) in his admonition to the Faithful of how to find the true Faith. In the aftermath of the suppression of the Arian heresy in the fourth century St Vincent encountered some difficulties in ensuring people knew and practised the true Faith because of the doctrinal confusion that still followed from that heresy. He, therefore, asked himself and others: “How and by what sure and, so to speak, universal rule shall I be able to distinguish the truth of the Catholic Faith from the falsehood of heretical depravity?” The answer, adduced both from himself and from other very learned and holy men of the time, was everywhere the same: “We must, the Lord helping, fortify our belief in two ways: By the authority of the Divine Law. By the Tradition of the Catholic Church. Moreover, in the Catholic Church itself, all possible care must be taken, that we hold that faith which has been believed everywhere, always, by all, from the beginning.” He further asked: “What if some novel contagion seeks to infect not merely an insignificant portion of the Church, but the whole Church?” The answer was: “It will be his (i.e. the individual’s) case to cleave to antiquity, which at this day cannot possibly be seduced by any brand of novelty.”



  1. Our first parents in Paradise sinned grievously through transgression of the Divine probationary commandment.
  2. Through sin our first parents lost sanctifying grace and provoked the anger and the indignation of God.
  3. Our first parents became subject to death and to the dominion of the devil.
  4. Adam’s sin is transmitted to his posterity, not by imitation but by descent.
  5. Original sin is transmitted by natural generation.
  6. In the state of original sin man is deprived of sanctifying grace and all that this implies, as well as of the preternatural gifts of integrity.
  7. Souls who depart this life in the state of original sin are excluded from the Beatific Vision of God.
  8. The Son of God became man in order to redeem men.
  9. Fallen man cannot redeem himself.
  10. The God-man Jesus Christ is a high priest.
  11. Christ offered Himself on the Cross as a true and proper sacrifice.
  12. Christ by His sacrifice on the Cross has ransomed us and reconciled us with God.
  13. Christ, through His passion and death, merited award from God.
  14. After His death, Christ’s Soul, which was separated from His Body, descended into the underworld.
  15. On the third day after His death, Christ rose gloriously from the dead.
  16. Christ ascended body and soul into Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.
  17. Baptism by water (Baptismus fluminis) is, since the promulgation of the Gospel, necessary for all men without exception for salvation.
  18. The justification of an adult is not possible without faith.
  19. Membership of the Catholic Church is necessary for all men for salvation.

The last three dogmas are denied by the post-Vatican II Church and every single so-called traditional sect. In denying these dogmas they deny the whole of the Church Doctrine regarding Original Sin, the necessity of the Incarnation and Redemptive Sacrifice of Our Lord God, Jesus Christ.

There is no such thing as the ‘traditional Catholic faith’; there is the one true Catholic faith which you either accept and are a Catholic or deny and are a heretic.


They all deny the dogmas:-

  1. All that exists outside God was, in its whole substance, produced out of nothing by God.
  2. God was moved by His goodness to create the world.
  3. The world was created for the glorification of God.
  4. The Three Divine Persons are one single, common principle of creation.
  5. God created the world free from exterior compulsion and inner necessity.
  6. God has created a good world.
  7. The world had a beginning in time.
  8. God alone created the world.
  9. God keeps all created things in existence.
  10. God, through His Providence, protects and guides all that He has created.

The so-called ‘traditional’ sects  and sedevacantists are also heretical in their puritanism. I hope to devote a whole post to this topic later.


It suffices to deny one divinely revealed truth of the Catholic Faith to become a heretic and place oneself outside the Church (St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, Q 5, Art. 3.). As St. Jerome put it “If you wander off the track a bit, it makes no difference if you veer to the right or to the left, the important thing is that you are not on the right road.” – Commentary on St. Matthew.


Those who support heretics come under the condemnation of the IV Lateran Council which declared that “Those who give credence to the teachings of heretics, as well as those who receive, defend, or patronize them, are excommunicated.”

Further he who to support heresy distorts the Sacred Scriptures from their genuine and true meaning is guilty of the greatest injury to the Word of God; and against this crime we are warned by the Prince of the Apostles: “There are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they also do other Scriptures, to their own destruction” (II Peter 3:16 Cf also Council of Trent, Decree on Edition and Use of the Sacred Books,” Session IV, DNZ:786

The 1917 Code of Canon Law affirms that Catholics have a duty to reject error and heresy and all that works against the faith in the following words: Canon 1325.1 – “The faithful are bound to profess their faith openly whenever under the circumstances silence, evasion, or their manner of acting would otherwise implicitly amount to a denial of the faith, or would involve contempt of religion, an offense to God, or scandal to the neighbor.”

St. Francis de Sales on this point tells us that “It is our duty to denounce as strongly as we can heretical and schismatic sects and their leaders. It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep, wherever he is.” –  Introduction to the Devout Life, III, 29.


St. Paul says: “There must be heresies, that they also who are reproved may be made manifest among you” (I. Cor. ii, 19).


No! The Church is by her very nature indefectible. Her adversaries cannot overcome her. We have the assurance of Christ that the Church will never be totally destroyed as he clearly states that “the gates of Hell will no prevail against it” (Matt 16:18). Yet this promise of indefectibility is not given to any person (this includes the Pope), state or country but only the Church as whole. For this reason did St. Athanasius say that even if the Church were reduced to handful of people, if they hold to tradition, they would be the true Church, since holding to the deposit of faith and rejecting it is what makes the difference between being a Catholic and being a Heretic.