The Purpose of this blog is to bear witness that :-

1) before Vatican II, all Catholics, except, apparently, those catechised by the heretical Baltimore Catechism, were catechised to believe in and did believe in the doctrine Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church;

2) Catholics were not Puritans. Puritanism can be considered to be a Gnostic or Manichean heresy in that the material world is considered to be the source of evil and not man’s disordered will which abuses the good things that God has provided for us;

3) Catholics were not obsessed with the Apocalypse. Apocalyptic obsessions were and are a characteristic of the north american puritans and are a corollary of their heretical belief that the material world is intrinsically evil.

A Prayer.

Prevent, we beseech Thee, O Lord, our actions by Thine inspirations, and further them by Thine assistance: that every word and work of ours, may begin always from Thee and by Thee be likewise ended.

From the Thanksgiving after Mass . Canticle of Daniel ( 3 ,57-88, 56)

Introduction and Dedication

A defence of the Catholic Faith by a simple pre-Vatican II Catholic who, thanks to the totally unmerited grace and mercy of God, has not forgotten the teachings of the Catechism.

I dedicate this blog to Our Lady, Mother of God Incarnate; to Saint Athanasius, whose determined defence of dogma saved the Church from the Arian heresy; to St. Anthony the ‘Hammer of Heretics’; to Saint Philomena for the many graces received through her intercessions, and to the memory of all my Irish ancestors who, despite suffering for almost four hundred years the most dreadful persecutions and privations at the hands of Protestants and Puritans, did not abandon their Faith.

I write this blog for my children and their families in the hope that, with God’s Grace and Mercy, they will come to learn, understand and believe in the ‘ Faith of their Fathers’.